vLocPro Rx - line location finder

vLocPro Rx designed for all transmitter of vCam camera probes, iPEK camera carriage, transmitter vLocPro Tx, and various external locating transmitters .

  • designed for search of cables and pipes
  • locating device with battery and rechargeable battery operation
  • acoustic and visual indication of transmitter position, depth measurement
  • 45 different receiver frequencies selectable (e. g. 512 Hz / 640 Hz / 33 kHz)
  • The receiver locates probes even at a depth of 7 metres and vCam cameras at about 5 metres. 
  • dimensions: 660 x 99 x 252 mm (HxWxD) / 2.5 kg

      Part No. 19950199

Position transmitter - remote  (33 kHz / tube pig transmitter)
  • Remote position transmitter (33 kHz) for vLocPro Rx - position receiver (more recievers possible) 
  • battery operated mini-transmitter
  • Suitably especially for the exact localization in deeper ground (up to 5 metres)  
  • Diameter: 18 mm, length: 85 mm, M10 AG
  • More transmitters with higher transmission power and other transmission frequencies at request.

 Art-No.: 12015017     

 Position transmitter - floating  (512 Hz)
  • Floating, battery operated position transmitter (512 Hz) for vLocPro position receivers
  • also available as accessory for other receivers (receiving 512 Hz frequencies)  
  • 1 box = 2 pcs.

 Art-No.: 19930090

 vLocPro Tx - Transmitter generator - frequency ransmitter
  • Frequency generator vLocPro Tx suitable for localizing device vLocPro Rx and other localization receivers  
  • to send a localization frequency signal along metalic tubes and lines 


  • battery operated (> 40 hours) transmitter with adjustable transmission power, maximum 10 Watts
  • daylight-capable LCD display
  • Transmission frequency adjustable between 512 Hz and 83 kHz
  • Direct connection with connecting cables, with the inductive clamp as an option or a 50 m transmitter cable (trailing)

        Dimensions: 160x410x170 (HxWxD) / 5 kg

 Art-No.: 12015016


 Induction grippers for transmitter generator vLocPro Tx
  • to send an inductive frequency signal over cables without disconneting from the grid - thanks to the vLocPro Tx- transmitter generator
  • to send frequency signals over metallic tubes in industrial and residential areas
  • Inductive clamp (up to 100 mm wide)

    Connection cable

Art-No.: 12015018

 Traction cable (50 m) for transmitter generator vLocPro Tx
    • to locate position and course of the traction cable fed with the vLocPro Tx- transmitter generator  
    • Either the complete course or the head position of the traction cable can be localized.  
    • Steel tube reel with a 50 metres  tractin eel including traction cable (7 mm)

Art-No.: 12015018


 Metal detectors - types FT80 and FM 880-B 
  • Needless to say, a sound knowledge of the subterrestrial infrastructure should be a condition for any digging work, since mechanical damage due to excavation may not only result in an interrupted supply, but also in considerable financial loss or injuries or death.
  • However, in most cases neither the visual inspection on site nor the planning documents are sufficient. If you cannot locate water plugs, valves or other metallic objects, the control spool and cap locating devices  will help. It is an safe and easy method to locate metal objects buried in the ground.  The ferromagnetic locating devices (FM880-B) are here the safest method to locate metal objects, because non-ferrous metals are not recognized.

 Valve cap locating device FT80 
    • FT80 to locate hidden valve caps, water plug caps, and other, horizontal metal components with a diameter of 10 centimetres and above.  
    • Easy operation and rugged construction  
    • Locating depths:  Up to about 50 centimetres
    • Dimensions:350 x 280 x 120 mm  /  1.2 kg
    • Power supply:  1 x E unit 9V


Part No.: 12015019


  • Rugged FT80 case

    Part No.: 12015082

 Control spool locating device FM880-B
    • Universal metal detector for ferromagnetic objects (iron, steel) and magnetic markers
    • incl. transport bag
    • Locating depths:
    • Small components     up to about 25 centimetres
    • Iron tube (5")          up to about 2.0 m
    • Manhole cover         up to about 2.5 m
    • Large iron bowls up to about 3.5 m
    • Dimensions: 1090 x 64 x 38 mm  /  1 kg

 Part No. 12015020