ROVVER - standard van fitting

      Preferred base van:

  • Mercedes-Benz "Sprinter" (or similar) including:
  • 3.5 t / medium or long wheelbase/ high roof
  • Lateral sliding door / doors rear side 2 x 265 degrees
  • Other details at request


      ROVVER - operator's room:


  • Desk or workbench, including drawers
  • Locker, printer shelves, various trays and drawers
  • LCD-videomonitors 8.4" and 14" (Colour)
  • Controller in 19" rack (desk substructure;
  • Desktop remote control and selector switch for SAT/back room/operator's room-FB
  • 19" PC technology with WinCan sewer program
  • 19" TFT monitor and printer
  • Bench seat or tip-up seat for 2. Operator
  • Roof hatch with ventilator, back-up heating or air condition system
  • Roof and wall insulation, wall cladding
  • Power supply as specified
  • Sockets 12VDC and 230VAC
  • All system components may be activated separately
  • 12VDC LED-lighting
  • Electric cabling in cable ducts 


      ROVVER van back room:

  • Full height cladding with aluminium diamond-pattern sheets
  • Cable drum frame and load extension arm for large camera tractor
  • Small components storage (RH side)
  • Accessories shelves (LH rear)
  • 50 litres water reservoir including pump and accessories
  • Swivelling crane with manhole worklamp
  • Colour back room monitor (to display the camera live image)
  • Energy-saving moisture-proof lamps
  • Sockets for 12VDC and 230VAC
  • Automatic cable drum RA200 including a maximum of 200 m camera cable
  • Return pulleys at the crest and inside the manhole
  • Tractor Rovver100/ 125/ 225
  • Tilt and pan Roto probe RC80 or RC90 Zoom
  • Building site safety equipment
  • Tracking systems type NaviTrack
  • Magnet foot worklamp 12VDC


     operator room - seats and more